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Hilary Miller

Hilary Miller

Research Officer, SEARCH
E: hilary.miller@sydney.edu.au

Hilary is a Research Officer on the SEARCH study. She holds a bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Arts (Development Studies/Indigenous Studies) from the Australian National University, and a Masters of Public Health from the University of Sydney. Her work with SEARCH is primarily focused on the social and environmental factors which relate to ear health, hearing, and speech and language development in Aboriginal children.


Miller HM, Tong A, Tunnicliffe DJ, Campbell D, Pinter J, Commons RJ, Athan E, Craig JC, Gilroy N, Green J, Henderson B, Howell M, Stuart RL, van Eps C, Wong MG, de Zoysa J, Jardine MJ (2016) Identifying and integrating patient and caregiver perspectives for clinical practice guidelines on the screening and management of infectious microorganisms in hemodialysis units. Hemodialysis International. doi:10.1111/hdi.12457