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Tracey Shillingsworth

Tracey Shillingsworth

Study Manager, Antecedents of Renal Disease in Aboriginal Children (ARDAC)
E: tracey.shillingsworth@sydney.edu.au
T:+61 2 9845 1472

Tracey started with CKR in October 2015 and works to implement ARDAC - a longitudinal cohort study investigating the early signs of kidney and cardiovascular disease in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in NSW. The aim of the study is to assess differences and changes in the kidney and cardiovascular health of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal participants.

Tracey comes from a 26 year career in both Commonwealth and State Governments where she has dedicated her life and leadership capabilities to Aboriginal Affairs for the past 26 years. Tracey is committed to understand and develop best practice models when providing guidance, advice and support to members of families, communities, in the workplace and education institutions.