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Potty Monkey Study

Toilet training is an important milestone and a fundamental activity of daily living. It is achieved in most children by 3 years old, however, for children with special needs the training is more challenging with a higher likelihood of incontinence persisting into adolescence and adulthood.

Children beyond the toddler years often fail to respond to standard toilet training methods because their developmental stage requires a more interactive and purposive approach. The research team at CKR are running a pilot study for children with special needs aged between 4 – 10 years old who have not yet been toilet trained. The study is testing the effectiveness of using a ‘Potty Monkey’ toy device which provides modelling and positive reinforcement during the toilet training process.

The main outcome of interest is how many children attain daytime continence by self-toileting at the end of 6 months of toilet training using the Potty Monkey. In addition, the length of time taken to achieve continence will be analysed along with the rate of improvement, changes in quality of life from baseline, acceptability of the treatment, and any reported adverse events.

This study commenced in March 2016 and is currently open continuing to recruit 50 participants. For further information or to make a referral please contact the trial coordinator on 0429 468 883.