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electronic Advice and Diagnosis Via the Internet following Computerised Evaluation

The Continence Research team have designed and built an online interective eHealth program for children with urinary incontinence who are on the waiting list for our continence service (which currently has a 24 month waiting time). The first program was built in 2011 and was designed to help families and their GP’s manage the child’s wetting problem while they were waiting to see the specialist. The program involved the families logging on, answering a series of questions and receiving treatment advice with support from their GP, until they visited the program again in a few weeks’ time. The families were given access to the program link for 4-6 months.

We piloted our first version in January 2012 and we have just completed piloting our fifth version in 2016, recruiting a total of 165 families to date. After feedback from the families and the doctors involved, we continued to improve and refine the program. The most consistent issue we found was lack of adherence to the program advice, so for our final pilot we built in an ”intelligent agent” called Dr Evie who talked the families through their treatment plan. Our provisional results so far indicate that the families who visited the program the most gained a better result and that approximately one third of the participants became dry by the end of their time on the program.

In the future, we hope to conduct a randomised controlled trial to test the effect of the program for children on the continence clinic waiting list. If it is found to be cost effective, we hope to make the program accessible to children with wetting issues.

Research team

  • Chief Investigator: A/Prof Patrina Caldwell
  • Trial Coordinator: Sana Hamilton
  • Trial Coordinator: Marianne Kerr
  • Administration Assistant: Tamara Borysko