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WATCH: Watch with Alarm for Timed-voiding in CHildren

Daytime urinary incontinence affects 20% of school age children, which can impact on their health and quality of life through teasing, social problems and the associated lower self-esteem. Childhood daytime urinary incontinence may also result in adult incontinence if left untreated. Timed voiding is an established treatment for adults with this condition, but it is often very difficult for children to follow.

The research team at CKR are testing whether wearing an alarm watch will improve compliance with timed voiding in children and help with the resolution of their urinary incontinence. This is being done by comparing two groups of children following a timed voiding program, half using the alarm watch and half wearing a normal watch. The randomised controlled trial commenced in October 2011 and aims to recruit 360 children aged between 5 – 13 years with significant daytime urinary incontinence.

This study is currently still recruiting participants so further information or referrals can be made to the trial coordinator on 0429 468 883.

Research Team

  • Chief Investigator: Dr Patrina Caldwell
  • Trial Coordinator: Marianne Kerr
  • Trial Coordinator: Sana Hamilton
  • Administration Assistant: Tamara Borysko